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Daring model Kamilla Almeida makes fans do double-take as she takes dip in naked swimsuit

Fashion Nova Kamilla Almeida made a splash when she posed in a naked illusion bodysuit that made it look like she was skinny dipping – some style fans questioned the daring look

A model made fans gawp when she wore a naked illusion bodysuit.

Kamilla Almeida sported naughty one-piece from Fashion Nova, which makes it look like you’re paddling in the buff.

The Brazilian bombshell paired the £27 swimwear with statement sunglasses that are a neon green shade.

She kept other accessories to a minimum and showcased the intricate tattoo on her left arm.

Kamilla slicked her dark locks back off her face and opted for natural makeup.

More than 18,600 fans liked pictures of the outfit on Instagram – but some were baffled by the extreme look.

Kamilla Almeida made fans do a double-take when she modelled a naked illusion jumpsuit (Image: instagram.com/fashionnova)

Some said the cossie is far too rude-looking to wear in public.

One wrote: “Don’t like this – it’s pointless. If you wanna go naked, do so.”

Another said: “That’s crazy. It’s a no from me.”

A third wrote: “Noooo this looks way too real.”

And a fourth added: “Omg I can imagine the looks I’d get wearing this.”

But despite the criticism, others think they could pull off the naked illusion bodysuit.

Fashion Nova nude illusion bodysuit
The Naked Illusion Bodysuit in “nude” is currently in the Fashion Nova sale (Image: instagram.com/fashionnova)

One fashion fan admitted: “I don’t know, I actually like this. Definitely would wear this at a festival.”

Another argued: “Why is everything nope-ing this. It’s not supposed to be really faking anyone out but it’s not too cartoonish to still be cute its own little way. Why not.”

A third wrote: “Hahaha I need this.”

And a fourth confessed: “I want one.”

If you do want to pick up one of the quirky cossies, you can do so on the Fashion Nova website.

The Naked Illusion Bodysuit in “nude” is currently in the sale and can be snapped up for £19.



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