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Demi Rose to strip off on OnlyFans as she promises fans ‘more intimate’ displays

After months of speculation, Pretty Little Thing model Demi Rose has finally revealed that she’s joined subscription site OnlyFans and will be sharing plenty of racy content with her fans

Brunette bombshell Demi Rose has previously set tongues wagging on social media, as her fans have frequently questioned whether she would join the subscription site OnlyFans.

But now, after much speculation and teasing clues, Demi, 26, has finally revealed that she has in fact joined the online platform and her reasoning behind it.

Speaking openly in a Q&A session with MODA PR, the Pretty Little Thing model expressed what prompted her to join.

Demi explained: “I have received so many requests from my fans to see an alternative side to what I am allowed to show on other platforms.

Demi has revealed that she has joined OnlyFans
Demi has revealed that she has joined OnlyFans (Image: Demi Rose/Instagram)

“The community of followers I have built up are part of the reason I am where I am today, so connecting to them is important to me.

“It’s an opportunity to celebrate who I am from a whole new aspect, and I can bring my community on the journey with me.”

Several stars who have created platforms on OnlyFans have expressed that the site gives them freedom and autonomy of their content and more control of what they decide to show their fans.

Demi agreed with this sentiment and said: “I can take back creative control and present my artistic visions in an intimate way.

Demi has often dropped clues to her fans that she would join the site
Demi has often dropped clues to her fans that she would join the site (Image: demirose/Instagram)

“It’s an extension of everything I’ve created so far, but will allow everyone to connect with me on a deeper level.

She added: “It will allow fans to unlock doors to an exclusive extension of a part of me that they’ve never seen before.

OnlyFans has been known to show explicit and adult content, so when asked if there is still a scarcity for those who may want to join the site, Demi agreed that there is.

She is known for stripping off for racy snaps on her Instagram page, which boasts over 16million followers, and is certainly no stranger to showing off very skimpy outfits.

The curvaceous model said: “Yes, but I think the stigma is slowly fading with so many artists and creators joining the platform also.

The star expressed the real reason why she joined the site
The star expressed the real reason why she joined the site (Image: COPYRIGHT UNKNOWN)

“Access to exclusive content is something that has been around for years, Only Fans have just presented it in a new way, so naturally there’s still going to be a taboo around the whole thing. It’s a new wave I’m excited to be a part of.”

The model also believes that her content will help bring her fans closer together.

“We can choose to place our energy on negative critics and unwanted comments or we can use that energy to put it back into ourselves and our self love and care,” she expressed.

She added: “The platform gives us all a safe space to create a community of fans that are positive and welcome my content in a way that it should be received.”

To round things off, Demi gave advice to those who may also consider joining the online platform.

She declared: “Be authentically yourself and do what feels comfortable for you. There’s no expectation to do anything that doesn’t feel like you’re being true to your spirit, and see it as an opportunity to express your highest self.”

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