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‘I quit Tesco job for OnlyFans but it’s harder than it looks – people judge you’

EXCLUSIVE: Madison Blue was working in Tesco over a year ago but she is now earning staggering amounts of money on OnlyFans – but here she gives an honest insight into the reality of earning a living on the site

Madison Blue
Madison Blue has been making content on OnlyFans for over a year (Image: itsmadisonbluexx/Instagram)

A Tesco employee who quit her zero-hour contract job for OnlyFans – before buying a house less than a year later – has given a stark insight into the sex industry.

Instead of stacking shelves, Madison Blue, 24, now strips off in front of a camera for paying subscribers.

The benefits have been enormous with the Manchester babe recently pocketing £2,500 in just one day.

But despite making life-changing money, she has had to make sacrifices.

Madison, who doesn’t use her real name on her profiles, said she struggles to tell people how she makes money.

Madison Blue
The brunette beauty is uncomfortable telling others what she does for a living (Image: itsmadisonbluexx/Instagram)

Opening up to the Daily Star, she explained: “I am scared to tell people because there is a bad stigma about it and telling other women is very scary. Some people can be very judgemental.

“It is hard to be open. My parents know everything I do and my mum is very supportive and she knows I’m scared to say what I do.

“My mum will say ‘yeah she does this and I am really proud of her’ and it does give me a push to say what I do.

“I hope one day I can too because I’m not embarrassed about what I do, I love my job and there is just a bad stigma about it.”

Despite thriving in the industry after only joining last year, she conceded that the saucy platform does take over her life.

Even on visits to family she will “constantly” be on her phone to keep her page active.

She was on a zero-hour contract while working at Tesco (Image: itsmadisonbluexx/Instagram)

The brunette beauty said: “I didn’t realise how much time you needed to go into it. You hear girls saying you can earn this type of money but it’s not that easy.

“I’m on my phone… god… all the time. I sleep for about seven hours a night and when I wake up or go to sleep I am on my phone.

“I am replying to messages or making content or promoting myself. If you don’t promote yourself you don’t make money.

“I think people think because it’s sex work you go on this site, take pictures and make money and you don’t have to do anything but it’s the complete opposite. You have to work all the time and if you take your foot off the gas you fall behind.

“When I go on holiday I am constantly on my phone because I don’t want to fall behind or lose my subscribers. It is very intense.”

And that intensity was highlighted after Madison was asked when the last time she took an actual break from being on her phone was.

The Manchester lass says she struggles to put her phone down (Image: itsmadisonbluexx/Instagram)

Pausing, she said: “I would say about a year ago. It does consume you. I am never off my phone.

“It’s just hard to manage, I am still finding it hard to manage my time and switch off because I am afraid everything will just fall. You fear a lot can happen in a few days, especially in this industry.

“I’ve heard some girls talk about if they drop or don’t make the same money every day they get disheartened.

“I used to do a day to day target but there was a lot of stress if I didn’t hit my target and I would be down about it. Now I have a monthly target.”

After speaking honestly about some of the downsides, the brunette beauty concluded that it was all worth it.

And that’s especially true when she remembers working in Tesco where were some months she was unable to afford a food shop because her bills took priority.

Now, just over a year later, Madison has ambitions of investing her profits in property.

She is “massively surprised” with how quickly her life has changed (Image: itsmadisonbluexx/Instagram)

She said: “For me I am not a drinker and don’t go out much anyway. I am thinking that long term this will set me up so I think it’s worth it and that’s why I am so work focused.

“I am massively surprised with how quickly everything has happened and I’ve been very lucky in that all my family and friends are very supportive.”



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