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Lexi Lucks ‘I’m trans and guy paid for my nudes – his wife called me but what he did isn’t cheating’

EXCLUSIVE: Trans woman and OnlyFans model Lexi Lucks has said the wife of a man she sent nudes to messaged her demanding to know whether her hubby was gay – but she says he did nothing wrong

A racy trans model sparked debate by claiming a married man did “nothing wrong” by paying her for nudes – despite doing it behind his wife’s back.

Lexi Lucks said the randy bloke sent her almost £200 for explicit images.

But the OnlyFans babe was then confronted by the man’s upset other half.

The wife uncovered the payments after she scoured through her partner’s bank statements when he was jailed for his third DUI.

She was not angry with Lexi but was curious as to whether the naked snaps meant her hubby was gay.

Lexi Lucks
She became bankrupt after spending thousands on plastic surgery (Image: Lexi Lucks)

Speaking exclusively with the Daily Star, former male model Lexi said: “I was trying to persuade her not to be so judgemental. I just know how judgy women can be, even myself.

“Basically I went through many reasons why men love trans women.

“He did nothing wrong. I think women should be more adaptable and less judgy in these situations.

“He didn’t cheat on her and he is still loyal. We never met up and I don’t even know what he looks like.

“It was really funny to me when she reached out. I look back on it now with more sympathy.”

Lexi Lucks
She believes people need to be more open about their kinks (Image: Lexi Lucks)

Lexi, who is based in LA, supplied the man with saucy content last year – but earlier this month, a woman paid her on Venmo and asked if she could call her.

The wife explained that she and the husband had just become Catholic and she wanted to know why he was seeking pleasure elsewhere.

And Lexi, who was raised in a strictly religious household, said: “I was trying to be really sensitive and I didn’t want to break up the relationship.

“She sent me pictures of herself and she is really drop dead gorgeous, very pretty. I was like ‘to be honest, we are both hot girls, I’m a hot b***h as well, and I don’t think he’s gay whatsoever’.”

She continued: “I explained there were different spectrums to these heterosexual dudes and told her she should find out where he is on it. Guys can do enjoy butt stuff and still be heterosexual.

Lexi Lucks
The blonde makes money on OnlyFans and is based in LA (Image: Lexi Lucks)

“I told her men associate the penis with power. Women are very sexually powerful so a chick with a d**k can be a very powerful thing.

“He was also from Minnesota so it’s probably just a fantasy for him. These guys mostly just want to see a woman turned on and with regular guys you can’t really see that whereas for a trans girl it’s very obvious and they take it to their ego.

“It’s mostly just a fantasy for guys and they never really act on it. You have to keep in mind that it’s 2022 and we have been raised on porn since hitting puberty and guys are getting freakier and freakier and porn is so readily available.

“I told her it wasn’t just her and she has to judge the entire situation.

“I think both men and women should be more honest with what they want and stop living this fantasy of ideals.”

Lexi Lucks
She believes paying for nudes while in a relationship does not mean you are a cheater (Image: Lexi Lucks)

And in messages seen by this publication, the worried wife asked Lexi: “So am I wasting my time being married?”

The OnlyFans model, who runs her own burlesque company, replied: “No. Of course don’t throw that in the trash.

“I think it means he might want you to have a strap-on. Lol.”



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