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Naked Attraction fans gasp as nude singletons forced to walk imaginary dogs

Naked Attraction got off to a bizarre start on Thursday night (September) when its cast of naked singletons had to do a steamy dance and pretend to walk fictional dogs

It’s the controversial nude dating show everybody loves to gasp at, with exposed naked bodies and X-rated bedroom confessions.

But even the most avid Naked Attraction fans were probably left rattled when the Channel 4 dating show returned on Thursday night (September).

The second episode of series 10 saw saw dog handler Nico search for the perfect partner to get her hot under the collar.

But bizarre scenes occurred shortly after the nude daters were revealed in their brightly illuminated pods.

That’s because host Anna Richardson and Nico watched the selection of beauties dance naked and pretend to walk imaginary dogs.

naked attraction
Naked singletons shook their bodies around and pretending to walk imaginary dogs on Naked Attraction (Image: Channel 4)

As if having their naked bodies exposed to the cameras and the nation was tough enough, they were forced to demonstrate their acting chops whilst they shook their bodies on camera.

And at the same time, they were desperately trying to look sexy enough to win over dog-lover Nico.

The singletons weren’t left without the right gear, though, as they were equipped with leads and dog collars which they waved around convincingly enough.

Dog handler Nico was searching for her perfect partner (Image: Channel 4)

In the end, it was dog groomer Gemma who got picked by Nico as she loved the lady’s confidence.

However, Gemma sparked a backlash when she showed off an extremely racy book trick in a restaurant.

She proceeded to get up from the table halfway through the date, place her hands inside her top and clap her breasts together loudly in full view of the other diners.

Viewers were baffled by the dancing (Image: Channel 4)

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Did um…did that woman just stand up in the middle of a restaurant and clap her tits together?”

A second said: “Other drinkers watching her ‘t** clapping’ in the bar…”

One baffled viewer said: “How on earth is there another series of Naked Attraction. This show is mental! How do these people get back to their day jobs after doing this?”



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